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Team Dynamics

Unite and Ignite

Power up team communication and relationships

We super-power communication and build relationships in your team using behavioral team profiling reports, analysis, and insights.
The result of super-powering communication leads to a new awareness of the strengths and limitations within the team, resolving team conflict, and strengthening teamwork.

Learning becomes fun through interactive and engaging team activities for optimal self-awareness, which translates into acting as one team.
Team performance is enhanced and establish new ways of working. In addition, we create an action plan for clarity, and accountability, setting the team up for optimal communication and collaboration.

Realigning teams through psychological safety

Creating a speak-up culture

One-one interviews with team members provide a pulse check through the lens of psychological safety for this one-day workshop or modular online program.

The team explores their current reality and identifies their desired future regarding code of conduct, values, and culture. The goal is for the team to adopt a growth mindset and build greater respect, trust, and appropriate communication.

Key takeaways and shared agreements drive the changes further forward. For maximum impact, the team workshop is combined with individual coaching sessions to support behavioral shifts.

Team Mission, Vision and Values

Navigating in one direction

Finding connections between the individual, team, and organizational values provides the guiding principles for team effectiveness. Using values surveys, TAG helps teams to understand personal values and how these values drive behavior.

Identifying the top team values and their relationship to organizational values lays the team’s foundation for creating their team mission and vision. Aiding strategic visioning and new rules of engagement for a roadmap of regular incremental changes to do things differently and increase the team’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Experiential team building activities along the way with reflective learning and discussions to relate back to the business create a team charter for future success.