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Management & Leadership

Leading a High Performing Team

Behaviour breeds behaviour

This online workshop is suitable for existing leaders who know there is more potential in their team and learn the vital ingredients to tap into it. Leaders explore the impact of psychological safety and standards of excellence on team performance and how they relate to how they show up as a leader.

A mix of online group sessions and individual leadership coaching leads to breakthroughs in self-awareness and new agility levels in leadership styles. Working through a structured framework including interesting videos, reading materials, interactive breakouts rooms, and peer mentoring. Assignments are provided in between modules to help make the learnings stick and provide an opportunity to go deeper.

People Management and Leadership Activator

Optmizing your most valuable resource

People Management is an essential set of skills required in the workplace, and it can be one of the organization’s most significant challenges. As organizations navigate uncertain and changing times, with reducing headcounts, increasing technology and decentralization, business success relies upon excellent people management.

To fully optimize resources and leverage top talent within teams. TAG offers a modular workshop that comprises the A-Z of influential people management and best practice leadership. Suitable for new people managers and experienced leaders who have not had any targeted education in managing and leading people.

Leading without Authority

It all starts with you

With increased outsourcing, the move toward collaborative cultures, and the ongoing formation of cross-functional teams increasingly working virtually. The criteria for the job of a leader are changing. More and more people  assigned to leadership roles may not have positional authority.

The goal of leadership with or without positional authority is to get others to willingly cooperate and engage rather than following directives because you are the boss. You are leading yourself effectively to lead others. TAG offers an interactive webinar-style session for functional leaders to get them thinking about their self-leadership and what that means when needing to lead without authority.