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Diversity & Inclusion

The Lilyleaders Way

Accelerating Female Talent

A customizable, modular women in leadership program offered online or face-to-face to suit the unique development needs of your female talent. Helping current and future female leaders become more purposeful and intentional in leading themself to lead others. Identifying the main behaviors that have served their career success to date and what needs to change to create and sustain desirable future pathways.

The Melting Pot

Building the human connection

A thought-provoking interactive program that creates awareness around cultural, gender, and generational differences. Creating a better understanding of where the possibility of misunderstanding one another can appear. Focusing on the levels of Cultural Intelligence that exist within the system, enabling everyone to play to their strengths whilst understanding how to support minority groups. Nurturing new levels of appreciation for the value that differences bring.

Diversity and Inclusion Matters

Appreciating the value of differences

Delivered as a webinar-style learning solution or an in-person masterclass filled with engaging activities, including polling of opinions and breakout discussions that serve as collaborative data insights for the organization. Garnering a snapshot into the current state of play of how employees relate to the importance of Diversity and Inclusion and why it matters for business performance.