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Say what you do and do what you say

It is important to us to act in line with our values:

  • Be bold – go beyond limits
  • Be innovative – consciously think to do things differently
  • Be successful together – your success is our success
  • Be relatable – connecting through authenticity

In the spirit of continuous improvement and living our values, we decided to revamp our website to represent our global expansion and what we stand for when we provide you, our clients, the very best in bespoke learning solutions and executive coaching.  Our new look offers you information and inspiration to reach out and enlist our support to build more inclusive workgroups, lead teams to higher performance and accelerate leaders to new heights.

The power of partnership

“The power of many heads beats the power of one expert.”

We work in partnership, not alone, so we would like to thank our partners for supporting us to grow through challenging times. You will see the logos of who we mean on the homepage and know that you are an integral part of our evolution.

Making a difference by giving back is another essential part of TAG. We have integrated our social impact voluntary mentorship program, The Link, which has a brand-new modern look.

Are you interested in partnering with The Link? We are currently recruiting volunteer mentors and mentees for the next intake which will kick off in September 2021, so don’t delay and register right away – visit here.

And finally, one of the best-kept secrets is no longer a secret-our partnership with premier women in leadership expert Sally Helgesen to bring you the world’s first How Women Rise Leadership Program. The program has its very own site full of information about how you can certify your internal team of How Women Rise Trainers.  See what Sally has to say here.

Take a peek

We are excited to share the new look and feel of our website with you! With straight-to-the-point messaging and concise descriptions of the value we bring to your organization, it provides a snapshot of what we help you do. Get in touch if you would like to learn more or set up a call talk to the TAG team.

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