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Introducing you to the TAG Team

the ameliorate group (TAG)

TAG Partners

The Ameliorate Group partners with a team of subject matter experts from the fields of psychometric assessments and profiling, change management, strategy as well as diversity & inclusion.

TAG Team

The Ameliorate Group team is multicultural with Australasian, European and Middle-Eastern people, who share one passion: unlocking the superpowers of people. Working with the TAG team, means to be inspired to create new improved ways of working, benefiting from the combined knowledge and in-depth corporate experience. Apart from aligning aspects of the coaching experience within TAG we value the difference schools of coaching to provide our clients with a diverse toolkit of coaching approaches. Our coaches are EMCC, ICF and NLP certified as well as in a number of psychometric assessments, such as PI, PLI, DISC and CQ.

TAG Purpose

The Ameliorate Group is an evolution of two UAE based businesses by female founders. The two women recognize the value of merging their two approaches of sales training & executive coaching with gender empowerment initiatives. The Ameliorate Group provides quality learning solutions and executive coaching to enable employee growth and build up an engaged workforce. The mission of The Ameliorate Group is to unlock the superpowers in the workforce. This means to connect employees with their real potential to accelerate business performance.


Values are guiding principles and we at the ameliorate group believe, that they are more than writings on walls and rather our red threat in what we do. We consciously bring them into our discussions when big decisions have to be taken to stay true to them and encourage teams, leaders and women we work with to reflect on theirs to ameliorate. When working with us, you should know what you get into: 


Consciously think differently. We apply a creative thought process to each and every project. Fresh approaches and new perspectives are brought alive for every participant. Encouraging lightness, laughter and lift throughout the learning experience.

Hence we always ask ourselves: “Are we outside the box?”


People are all people. Developing people requires connecting with people on the human level. More importantly though we believe, that we need to stay authentic in our approach and openly share our thoughts with your success in mind.

Hence we always ask ourselves: “Is this what we stand for?”


Nothing great ever happened without taking bold action. Transformation requires going beyond own boundaries. We encourage boldness to take leaders and teams to new heights. In doing so, we act bold ourselves and will always risk a misstep rather than a no-step.

Hence we always ask ourselves: “Are we being bold?”


Your success is our success. Everybody’s version of success is defined in different ways. We define together what success looks like for you, our client or partner, to help you to get you there.

Hence we always ask ourselves: “Do we know what success looks like?”

"Perspective matters"

These two words sum everything up around what I do as an Executive and Sales Coach and Trainer. The power of changing perspectives changes everything.

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"be the change"

Great leaders, workplaces and success stories are a collective of individuals who are brave enough to embrace changes and work on themselves. It is about how good you are going to be that really matters.

Game changers keep evolving and have an insatiable appetite for continuous learning.

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