Creating high-performing teams by sharing insights & best practice

About Team Coaching

The process of bringing a team closer together requires shaping both – individual capabilities and the ability to work as a team. It may be best explained with team sport coaching. The coach ensures that each player finds his or her spot on the field and learns to collaborate with the peers on the field to stretch beyond existing team capabilities and individual talents. This happens through partnering with the team in the context of everyday work challenges, during which the coach may share Best Practice approaches or new ideas to improve the team performance.

It is suitable for teams who have undergone restructuring activities or have been newly formed  and are striving for a common goal.

"Supporting the team’s goal is the focus of the coach, by enabling the team to use its relationships or interpersonal awareness as well as shared experiences."
the ameliorate group
Our Belief

This has an impact on shifting organizational culture when large numbers of staff can move through this transformative process. For individual leaders it encourages more inclusive leadership practices to be intentionally role modelled. This creates a ripple effect of more acceptance, understanding and tolerance throughout the organization. Building the confidence and capability of minority groups in the workplace. They feel they are in a safe space to truly be themselves and their differences are understood and acknowledged.

About the process for Team Coaching

Working with the TAG coaching approachTAG focusses on a learning process for the team and considers the complex organizational dynamics in which the team operates. This means, that gained insights and practice of new behaviors always happen in the context of improving team effectiveness and its overarching goal. The organizational dynamics are often unpredictable with three relational units that need to be accommodated ambiguously, the individual, the team and the organization.

How will team coaching be measured? With ROI:

Through team profiling and individual reports, the coaching journey is accompanied by tools, which ensure learning, contributions and assignments are communicated with individuals. Team reports are offered after reaching pre-defined milestones to explore changes of the behavioral mix within the team and to enable the team to unlock their own insights. Providing a rich experiential learning experience based on thoughtful reflection, sharing and interaction helping build stronger trust and rapport-the essential underlying component for any high performing team.

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