Social Impact

Something we do, because we believe it is the right thing to do.

WHY we do it

The ameliorate group (TAG) believes strongly that gender diversity matters, because leveraging female strengths can accelerate aspirational women in the workplace. This complements the vision of the UAE government, the homebase of TAG, to promote women’s participation across businesses and we offer learning solutions and executive coaching to superpower the workforce.

The Link serves as a way for TAG to give back to the community with what we are good at, leveraging our expertise in coaching and mentoring to create social impact and make a positive difference. Bringing together enthusiastic learners with accomplished subject matter experts creates a platform for development without secondary gains in mind other than satisfying intrinsic motivation versus extrinsic motivation.

what we do

The LINK is a mentoring initiative in the UAE that provides an active community platform where career women can find support to advance professionally. The LINK aims to empower women through learning & developmental initiatives, nurturing female talent and strengthening their leadership capacity.  The new direction The LINK is taking will include both genders supporting this journey of developing female talent through mentorship. so make sure you follow our initiatives through social media.

How you can join The link

We are always on the lookout for both – mentors as well as mentees.

Please click the buttons below, to find out more on how to be part of The LINK, either as mentor or mentee.