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Game changers keep evolving and have an insatiable appetite for continuous learning.

Great leaders, workplaces and success stories are a collective of individuals who are brave enough to embrace changes and work on themselves. It is about how good you are going to be that really matters.

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The power of changing perspectives changes everything.

This sums up all that we do at TAG, to ameliorate the way you think and act professionally. Sometimes it only requires to spark a new thought and curiosity to unlock superpowers.

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Shared success is meant to inspire and awaken towards a common purpose.

Check out what is happening with TAG in the media and support us spreading the message to create more impact for superpowering the workforce.

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Superpowering from coaching and mentoring

Superpowering through both - coaching and mentoring

First of all, let’s look at what Coaching is and how to differentiate it from Mentoring to use it as a superpower.

Once upon a time

To do that, let’s go back in time, to a time before we had a car and relied on real horsepower to move around.

two woman walking near clear glass wall

Do you know where you are going as a woman in the workplace?

Your unique value is your superpower

This topic keeps coming up for me in workshops and discussions with leading ladies. How well do working women know and appreciate their unique value in the workplace? Let’s pause for a moment to consider one perspective of looking at this.

As an executive coach with a focus on developing female leaders, I notice that…

Build your positivity muscle by being grateful

What’s for breakfast?

I do this gratefulness exercise with my kids as at the table as they eat their breakfast cereal for dinner. Oh, did I say dinner, I meant breakfast;) I ask them what do we need to be grateful for to have this cereal on the table. First they might mention their parents for making money to buy them, then the person who went to the shops to buy them…

Productivity Patterns-Your most important employee is yourself

Do the same thing get the same results

Albert Einstein famously stated ”Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. If you are 100% happy with the results you are getting then stick with what you are doing. Let’s be honest here, for most of us there is always room for improvement in developing healthier rituals that can further serve our success…


Negotiating for something we really want and feel we deserve can be a tricky road to navigate as often we are emotionally invested in the topic, particularly if it is for something important for ourselves and our families. That long awaited salary rise, some extra holiday time, flexible working hours, a promotion or a new title, getting on a project team…

What the Fluff is coaching about?

Why coaching?

Coaching is far from fluffy. It is powerful stuff. Effective coaching conversations create insights and transformative shifts that can really up your game. Being coached focuses you on the future and is extremely helpful for people in times of uncertainty, transition, growth and change. It can bring clarity and alignment to what is most important to you…

Want to progress in your career? Become more Emotionally Intelligent

Emotions-we can’t live without them

Susan David the Author of “Emotional Agility” says in her famous TED Talk on the gift and power of emotional courage, “If you don’t have emotions you have dead persons goals”, meaning emotions are a fact of life. Our emotions play a big role in how we think, the decisions we make and the behaviours we demonstrate which can all have a positive or negative impact on careers…

Having a coach can help you land your dream job

Our current reality can multiply

As human beings our brains are wired to look for supporting evidence of our current reality. If we are feeling low and disenchanted by our current position we will continue to find faults in our environment to support “our story” about why things are so awful. On the flipside, if we are pumped everyday to do our best and see all the limitless opportunities…

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Control your mindset

My four key tips, if things don’t go according to your plan and you need to take control over your mindset!

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WiiFM Pitch

WiiFM stands for “what’s in it for me”, which is the question that drives decisions we make. This is the question that needs to be answered in the persons head when you are pitching an idea, product, service or yourself (in an interview).

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