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Mentorship Programs

External Mentorship The TAG Way

We offer the following options:

One-on-One Mentoring

As the most traditional type of mentoring, the mentor and mentee are partnered in a 1:1 long-term mentoring relationship when an experienced TAG mentor supports a less-experienced mentee. They are sharing experiences, wisdom, and insights with objective listening to propel growth.

Group Mentoring

One or several mentors work with a group of mentees. Group mentoring is ideal in mature organizations, where the development needs of the mentees are clear—complemented with a workshop where participants benefit from a forum to practice or ask application questions.

Distance or E-Mentoring

Mentoring is equally successful online and provides an opportunity to create access for mentoring tandems where distance was once an issue. Using online platforms, participants in this mentoring can regularly connect virtually without losing the personal touch.

Mentoring means thriving through experience sharing 

Progressive organizations are discovering the underutilized power of mentorship to upskill workforces and tap into in-house resources.

Internal Mentorship The TAG Way

We set up the following options in your organization:

Peer Mentoring

Participants from the same role or department who have shared similar experiences in their professional lives pair up as peers to support each other. Useful to establish a new organizational work culture or to keep traditions alive.

Reverse Mentoring

The traditional mentoring model flipped consciously, and the learning happens for the more senior person from the junior colleague. Useful to teach new work skills, a new application or technology implemented in the organization.

Speed Mentoring

They are sourcing new ideas through a gamified version of mentoring. The mentee has a series of one-on-one conversations with different mentors to gather different perspectives on a single challenge experienced.

Mentoring means thriving through feeling supported 

A mentor paired with a mentee develops a reciprocal and collaborative relationship between an experienced and less experienced professional in a robust learning partnership.