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Managing Partners

Who we are

The Ameliorate Group (TAG) works with an extended diverse team spanning Australasia, Europe, the Middle East, and the U.S., who share one passion: unlocking people’s superpower. Working with the TAG team means benefiting from the combined knowledge and collective, in-depth corporate experience. The TAG team comprises different schools of coaching to provide clients with a comprehensive toolkit of coaching approaches. Our qualified Executive Coaches are EMCC, ICF, and NLP certified and in several psychometric assessments, such as PI, PLI, DISC, and CQ.

Meet the Managing Partners

Simone Lawrence

Managing Partner

Simone has 20+ years of experience in developing people. Leading teams in HR, L & D, Business Development, and Operations across various industries in the corporate and NGO sector. As an Executive Coach, Simone brings her contagious positivity, leadership experience, and passion for developing people to create transformative shifts for optimal professional and leadership impact.

Melissa L. Schlimm

Managing Partner

Melissa has a wealth of cross-industry experience in senior learning and development roles and conceptualization practice within various contexts. She understands the day-to-day challenges individuals face in the workplace and enables them to navigate them successfully. A believer in the power of a positive mindset, Melissa is a highly energetic and motivational facilitator and coach. She focuses on helping individuals and teams flourish and enabling people to move forward by inviting them into a change of perspective.