Leadership without management is vision without fulfilment. TAG offers a modular workshop which comprises of the A-Z of effective people management and leadership. Suitable for both new people managers and experienced leaders who have not had any targeted education in managing and leading people.

By the end of the programme participants will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of Emotional Intelligence and how they are applied in the managerial context.
  • Understand how to leverage different communication approaches for clarity and strong relationships.
  • Understand different leadership styles and learn how to flex your leadership styles.
  • Develop an ability to lead people in a coaching style for maximum empowerment.
  • Be able to give and receive feedback and have effective performance conversations.
  • Effectively manage stress, time and resource optimisation through better delegation and mindfulness techniques.
  • Identify with the principles of building and leading great teams towards optimal results.

The programme can be followed by 1:1 coaching sessions to help managers and leaders overcome current people management challenges or potential pitfalls.

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