Leadership Coaching

About Leadership coaching

Coaching has the reputation of being generally intangible, which is the result of being very individual in terms of the process, outcome and high level of confidentiality.

At TAG we ensure that all of these elements are kept in check. At the same time, we focus on ensuring, that you as an organization as well as an individual are clear about what your journey looked like and give it a clear structure for you to feel comfortable at all times.

About the process for Leadership Coaching

Working with the TAG Coaching approach, organisations select their employees for coaching based on a variety of different needs. This may be high potentials as well as people struggling in their current roles. 

How we make a difference for you? With ROI:

What is your return on the investment of corporate coaching for your employees? What exactly did your journey as a coachee look like? Something is different (great!) and if your organisation paid for that, it helps to be able to have tangible results that allow organisations to see the effectiveness of the journey. At the same time, “Your Coaching Journey Report” is not meant to be shared with your organization, but to trigger thoughts what you want to share with your management.

TAG is happy to provide your organisation with a sample report as well as the executive summary, if that is required. Whatever helps you as a coachee, or your organisation to acknowledge the difference the corporate coaching has made – we want to be your partners in being able to sell the change effect, without sharing details.

Read the blog of our Managing Partner Simone about Coaching: