(by Simone Lawrence)

Our current reality can multiply

As human beings our brains are wired to look for supporting evidence of our current reality. If we are feeling low and disenchanted by our current position we will continue to find faults in our environment to support “our story” about why things are so awful. On the flipside, if we are pumped everyday to do our best and see all the limitless opportunities all around us we will continue to see the good things that can come our way.

Job hunters beware

In the context of a job hunt, this could mean if you are currently unemployed and struggling to find a job or currently employed and looking for a new opportunity, it can be difficult to stay motivated and hold onto a high level of self belief and trust that you already have within you, everything you need to be able to land your dream job. You may be getting rejected or not even securing an interview and these situations can create a negative impact on confidence levels that can continue to limit our growth if we do not keep it in check.

A coach can support you to succeed

Having a coach work with you through this process will help you maintain a growth mindset, focus on the possibilities and help you take control of your own future with more vigour and consistency than you may be able to do on your own. To uncover and connect with your unique strengths and be able to fully articulate your unique value during interviews. To ensure you have the resilience required to secure those interviews, to leave no stone unturned and not get deflated by the no’s you may receive. To keep believing in yourself and aim higher. Increasing your probability of securing the right role, possibly reducing timelines to do so and perhaps even surprising yourself with what you can achieve.

Your future will thankyou

The best part is the investment into coaching does not leave you once you start the new role, it can be a lifetime investment that will serve you well for many years to come as you carry forward with you a new expanded awareness and knowledge that once unleashed will become your new reality.

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