Our signature program

Women face a unique set of challenges in the workplace and therefore have unique development needs. TAG caters for that with its signature program developed by women with women in mind.

Through undertaking a 3, 6 or 12 month coaching programme combined with our signature “Lilyleaders Way Programme” designed for aspirational women in the workplace, current and future female leaders are able to:

  • Understand their individual drivers and value.
  • Identify the main behaviours that have served career success to date and that now need to pivot to serve future career goals.
  • Develop effective habits to build on their confidence and capability
  • Redefine what success looks like for a progressive professional future.
  • Leverage strengths to optimise performance.
  • Become more purposeful and intentional as a leader of self and the choices you make.
  • Building strong foundations in order to be able to lead others effectively.
  • Develop a personal action plan on how to tweak behaviour to create and sustain future desirable pathways.

The Melting Pot

There are many ways to reach Female Empowerment and at the ameliorate group we believe that it requires more than just empowering women. It requires considering  all of the elements that create differences amongst us and it aims to get all parties involved on the same page.

The Melting Pot is an interactive workshop which aims to not only create awareness around the differences of genders but also cultural differences where the possibiliy of misunderstanding one another can be present. TAG offers a program, that focusses on enabling everyone to play to their strengths and at the same time understanding how each one can strengthen the minority group, by understanding how they tick.


Through undertaking a 6- or 12-months program consisting of both classroom learning experiences as well as a series of 1:1 Coaching sessions The Melting Pot ensures transformative shifts for a more diverse work environment with a focus on gender empowerment.

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