executive coaching


Our Approach

Coaching is a positive and powerful transformative process that supports individual contributors, managers, senior executives and teams to achieve new levels of success.

Coaching with TAG additionally taps into the corporate knowledge and expertise of over 30 years of multinational and international organisations our coaches possess.

Working with TAG, the start and end of your coaching journey is fixed and would only change if clearly requested by the coachee. TAG starts the coaching journey with a coaching agreement during which the goals are being agreed upon. The agreement is not the contractual agreement between Coach and Coachee or organization but more to be viewed as the moment at which both coach and coachee are put on the same page. This helps the coachee to build rapport with the coach immediately and get comfortable about opening up in the corporate setting.

The coaching journey with TAG ends with a journey reflection, which helps to ensure the set goals have been consciously met and to celebrate successes along the way.

Female Empowerment

It is a known fact that companies with diverse management teams have higher profit and better growth. Women in the workplace have a unique set of challenges that can benefit from the high level of self awareness and a focus on maintaining optimal levels of confidence and energy that coaching can bring. Through helping them tap into their strengths and their intuition, whilst also establishing boundaries around behaviours that can inhibit career growth to create new habits that serve more career success.

A series of TAG coaching sessions designed with female leaders in mind can unlock latent potential to accelerate aspirational women in the workplace. Creating a strong bench of female leaders today and a bigger and better pipeline of female leaders for the future.

Leadership coaching

In todays fluid and fast paced work environment, leaders need to continually redesign and upgrade their ways of working as they move upward or sideways within an organisation and lead teams through changing times. What has contributed to their success an individual contributor in the past will not always serve their current leadership role or future aspirations.

To be an inclusive and effective leader requires the right levels of reflection, emotional, cultural and relational intelligence combined with strategic and intentional action to place a higher emphasis on driving people and performance. At TAG, our accredited Executive Coaches support leaders through a series of powerful coaching conversations to transform leadership behaviours, flex communication styles, empower their people and leverage their own strengths for maximum leadership impact.

Team coaching

Teams have layers of complexity that benefit from a team coaching approach. Being made up of different cultures, personalities, beliefs, job roles, genders and ways of working,  it is no surprise that there can be miscommunications and sometimes conflict within a team. Often, the energy within the team is not quite right, which can be affecting overall morale, performance and team co-operation.

A TAG team coaching process supports teams to find their common ground. Breaking through complex situations and challenges that could otherwise keep them stuck or impair their productivity. Team coaching can help bring new perspectives through shifting the focus away from the judgments that can lie within these differences towards valuing the benefit that differences can bring to a team environment. Refocusing the team on their strengths, which in turn strengthens the team dynamics and align on a new way forward.


Simone was great help during a challenging period in my life, when I needed to approach problems from a different angle and when I needed assistance in prioritizing issues. Her well-structured sessions, during which she manages to listen carefully but also gives valuable feedback, gave me enough confidence to make som difficult decisions, leaving me assured that I was doing the right thing. Her guidance was always spot on, leading me in the right direction, helping me move forward and resolve internal and external conflicts. I would therefore, highly recommend Simone to anyone seeking impartial view to their professional and personal challenges in life.
Jasna Novakovic
Finance Director