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Via Phone, Virtual And In-Person 

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching provides a 1:1 opportunity to expand…

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Team Coaching

Newly formed, restructured or existing teams that need…

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The Coaching Process 

TAG’s accredited Executive Coaches support leaders through a series of powerful coaching conversations designed to create transformative shifts. Your coaching program starts with a coaching agreement to define your goals and agree with the coachee, the organization, and the coach. The coaching program ends with comprehensive reporting to honor both the transparency of organizational outcomes and respecting the confidential nature of interpersonal coaching conversations. The Executive Coaching process ensures a return on effectiveness that is hard to beat.

“Coaching is the ability to guide a person through discovering unknown perspectives and awake new modus operandi, which compares to an upgrade required to operate smoothly.” (TAG)

Your Coach Your Team’s Partner

TAG’s accredited team coach partners with the team in everyday work challenges while considering the complex organizational dynamics in which the group operates.

The team coach supports teams to find their common ground and breaks through challenges to generate new ideas and positively impact team communication, performance, and productivity.

Incorporating team profiling and individual reports to ensure learning, contributions, and assignments equip the team with new insights. Building the essential components that underpin every high-performing team; trust and rapport.