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Author: Simone Lawrence

Time to adopt Mentorship

(by Simone Lawrence) Uncertainty stresses employees In the often-quoted term, the VUCA world, in which organizations operate, there is one letter of this acronym that stands out most regarding its impact on people- the U for the uncertainty. Given that higher levels of uncertainty contribute to rising stress levels, consider the potential implications for people…
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The new TAG website

Say what you do and do what you say It is important to us to act in line with our values: Be bold – go beyond limits Be innovative – consciously think to do things differently Be successful together – your success is our success Be relatable – connecting through authenticity In the spirit of…
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Coaching Rising Women

(by Simone Lawrence) As far as professional women are concerned, my work as an executive coach working with both genders has revealed that women often have unique roadblocks they need to overcome to move higher in their careers. As a senior executive in my earlier career,  it wasn’t until I worked with my own executive…
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What is coaching?

What the Fluff is coaching about? (by Simone Lawrence) Why coaching? Coaching is far from fluffy. It is powerful stuff. Effective coaching conversations create insights and transformative shifts that enhance leadership. Being coached focuses you on the future and is extremely helpful for people in times of uncertainty, transition, growth, and change.   Bringing clarity and…
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Power up your career

Executive Coaching to supercharge your career (by Simone Lawrence) Our current reality can multiply As human beings, our brains are wired to look for supporting evidence of our current reality. If we are feeling low and disenchanted by our current position we will continue to find faults in our environment to support “our story” about…
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Leaders need high EQ

Want to progress in your career? Become more Emotionally Intelligent (by Simone Lawrence) Emotions-we can’t live without them Susan David the Author of “Emotional Agility” says in her famous TED Talk on the gift and power of emotional courage, “If you don’t have emotions you have dead person’s goals”. Intimating that emotions are an essential…
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Lead yourself first

(by Simone Lawrence) Do the same thing get the same results Albert Einstein famously stated, ”Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. If you are 100% happy with the results you are getting then stick with what you are doing. Let’s be honest here, for most of us there…
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Women in the workplace

Do you know where you are going as a woman in the workplace? (by Simone Lawrence) Your unique value is your superpower This topic keeps coming up for me in workshops and discussions with leading women. How well do working women know and appreciate their unique values in the workplace? Let’s pause for a moment…
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