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About TAG

Our Purpose

TAG’s mission is to enable leaders, teams, and women in the workplace to connect with their real potential and create sustainable behavioral change that makes a positive difference to workforces across the globe.

Guided by our values

Our values are guiding principles that direct the way we work. Clients are long-term partners, and we become extended members of your team. Learning and development needs are realized, expectations exceeded, and the most valuable resource within an organization-the people, are prioritized.


Consciously think differently. We apply a fresh, creative thought process to every project. Encouraging lightness, laughter, and lift throughout the learning experience. Generating new perspectives.


People are all people. Developing people requires connecting with people on the human level, and we take pride in being authentic in our approach, openly sharing our thoughts with your success in mind.


Transformation requires going beyond limits. We encourage boldness and action to bring leaders and teams to new heights. We act ourselves boldly and embrace risking a misstep rather than a no-step.


Your success is our success. Every organization and every employee has a different version of success. We define together with critical stakeholders what success looks like for you.