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Developing People

Building inclusive workforces
Leading teams to higher performance
Accelerating leaders to new heights

What We Do


Partnering with a qualified executive coach, current and future leaders and teams benefit from creating transformative shifts in behavior to accelerate performance and productivity.

Are you seeking to raise the bar on performance for your leaders and teams?

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We design and deliver interactive workshops ranging from bite-sized webinars to long-term blended learning programs, garnering new perspectives and catalyzing action for new ways of working.

Do you want to encourage more diverse thinking and action for high- performing teams?

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We provide strategic support to design or enhance the launch of your in-house mentoring program. You are ensuring the continuity and long-term effectiveness of the mentorship program life cycle.

Do you have knowledgeable subject matter experts that can develop other people?

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What You Get

Imagine if every leader set high-performance standards and demonstrated inspiring leadership behaviors to foster optimal conditions for their team to be at their best. TAG makes that possibility a reality.

With more cohesive teams, more inclusive organizations, and sustainable improvement in leadership behaviours. Your employees become more intentional about how they act, communicate, and engage people towards business outcomes. Powerful learning experiences leave an indelible mark for the better.

Step back from doing the same things, and get different results.

Advance With The TAG Approach

Working with leaders, teams, and women in the workplace, new awareness turns into action through online and offline learning solutions. We provide best practice leadership and team performance theory and tools, combined with a creative and interactive delivery style. TAG integrates coaching with training to pique the learner’s curiosity and open their mindset, enabling participants to arrive at their conclusions and spark positive behavioral change.

Together With The TAG Partners

“The power of many heads beats the power of one expert.” (TAG)

The Ameliorate Group values the power of partnerships and collaborates with subject matter experts from the fields of psychometric assessments, change management, strategy, and diversity & inclusion.

What Clients Say

I highly recommend the ameliorate group; the Leading High Performing Teams program was highly enriching and practical. The coaches were dynamic, enthusiastic, and motivating. They encouraged openness and valuable group discussions, providing useful insights and recommendations to continue growing as leaders and as an organization as a whole.


European NGO

The Ameliorate Group – led a development initiative across the Middle East region. As part of the opportunities provided exclusively for our Women In Professional Services group- an internal task force designed to support women employees with their unique development needs as part of working within a male-dominated industry and working environment.


Professional Services

Professional women feel energized, inspired, and ready to make changes due to their coaching facilitation style. With key takeaways and applications that can immediately apply to the workplace, their workshops are always well received, with lots of positive feedback, helping make a difference in to the career progression of women in workplaces.


Recruitment Services

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