Executive Coaching

the ameliorate group (TAG) helps create insight into levels of thinking that can be difficult to access by yourself. 

TAG believes this creates transformative shifts in behavior towards more success and progress.

Gender Empowerment

the ameliorate group (TAG) supports organizations to foster the collaboration of employees in their journey to success.

TAG believes that your differences can become a competitive advantage by playing to individual strengths.

Sales Skills Development

the ameliorate group (TAG) boosts the performance of sales teams by changing their mindset on how they view themselves as sales people.

TAG believes that sales is nothing else but helping others out and getting paid for it. If you focus on how you can help your client, the sell comes naturally!

People Management

the ameliorate group (TAG) assists organizations to improve leadership skills from managing people to managing change.

TAG believes leadership without management is a vision without fulfillment.


"To ameliorate as an organization means to improve your human resources."
the ameliorate group
Our Belief

TAG unlocks the superpowers in your workforce

Developing people through a blended learning approach, TAG is focused on creating sustainable improvement. The ameliorate group offers a range of bite-sized learning solutions to long-term development programs incorporating executive coaching to achieve organizational goals. TAG is here to superpower your teams and individual capability beyond what you thought was possible.

The TAG approach

That means we develop the confidence, capability and behaviors of sales, customer service, leadership teams with a focus on female talent.  Our initiatives follow the mindset of not only a diverse but also an inclusive approach. That is why our signature program for female leaders in the workplace ‘The Lilyleaders Way’ is one approach we take towards developing best practice habits focussed on women, for a more diverse workforce. The other approach is to consider the inclusion of the male workforce as key to success for diversity. ‘The Melting Pot’, considers  all the elements that create differences amongst the workforce and it aims to get all parties involved and aligned. To read about the program within our Gender Empowerment section, click here

Are you ready to ameliorate?

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Imagine if all of us optimized our greatest potential. Imagine if all of us communicate, collaborate, sell or service our clients using our whole repertoire of skills. This would create effective teams, enhance organizational performance and generate value for shareholders.

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Your Partners

ameliorate_Managing Partner-Simone Lawrence-office

Simone Lawrence,
Managing Partner

Simone has over 20 years  experience developing people. Her wide range of experience across HR and Business Development in a variety of industries are the backbone of her people development skills.


Simone  brings her contagious positivity, leadership experience and passion for developing people to work with people’s potential and build optimal personal and professional impact.

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Melissa L. Schlimm,
Managing partner

Melissa has a wealth of cross industry experience in senior learning and development roles. She understands the day to day challenges faced by individuals in the workplace.


A believer in the power of a positive mindset, Melissa is a highly energetic and motivational facilitator and coach. With a focus on helping individuals flourish and enables her clients to move forward, by inviting them into a change of perspective.

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